Pilot Training
At Newcastle Airfield we provide training for fixed wing microlight and group A aircraft. Our dedicated instructors and staff will help you achieve your ambition of becoming a pilot by providing you with the highest quality training. Our instructors will teach you to the required syllabus while also making the experience an enjoyable one that you won't forget.
EASA LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots License)
The LAPL license allows you to fly a plane up to a weight of 2000KG and carry up to 3 passengers. This allows you to fly aircraft such as Cessna, Piper and more but the aircraft cannot exceed a weight of 2000KG. This license is only valid within Europe or countries that are apart of the EASA agreement.


Before undergoing any training, we highly recommend that you undergo the LAPL medical certificate to make sure that you are fit to fly and hold a license. A minimum of level 4 English is also required.

To complete your training to obtain a LAPL license:
  • 100 Hours of ground school training
  • 30 Hours minimum of flight training (24 Hours dual / 6 Hours solo)
  • A solo cross country flight of 80NM
  • Minimum age of 15 to begin training