The transition from an EASA LAPL(A) (Light Aircraft Pilot License) to a PPL(A) (Private Pilot License) involves an upgrade process that allows LAPL holders to expand their privileges and capabilities as pilots.

Typically, pilots wishing to persue additional ratings such as Multi-Engine, Instrument or upgrading to the Commercial Pilot License will undergo this training.

Why upgrade to a PPL?

Upgrading to a PPL(A) grants you expanded privileges recognised worldwide, allowing you to fly larger or more complex aircraft and to operate in a broader range of airspace expanding beyond the boundaries of European airspace.

The upgrade process from a LAPL(A) to a PPL(A) involves fulfilling the additional requirements mandated for the PPL(A), including additional flight hours, training and passing the necessary skill test.

LAPL(A) to PPL(A) Minimum Requirements:
  • Class 2 Medical
  • 5 Hours PIC after the issue of your LAPL(A) license
  • 6 Hours Dual Instruction
  • 4 Hours Solo Flight Under Instruction
  • 1 Solo Cross-Country of at least 150NM with a full stop landings at two other airfields